Android Gets New Google Weather Card In Search

Android Gets New Google Weather Card In Search

Google’s Android app users can now see the revamped Google weather card in search to get more detailed weather info. This is an excellent effort of Google to help people better prepare with the new interface that includes new climate related detailed info, which will be useful for all of us. Starting from today, users of Google app will be able to see an array of fresh data, like weather alerts, forecast of 10-days, hourly sky conditions and the possibilities of rain, among other things. In this new update you can also set your favourite multiple locations just in case you’d like to see your desired information regarding these a while later.

I hope you will also receive this new weather experience to your Android phone today, and I think it will be a good experience for you and you are really going to like it. Google rolling out this new experience through a Google app update that hit our phones, and possibly it could be through the beta channel before it arrives everywhere. In this new weather experience user can ask Google about the weather forecast or by simply searching “weather” in search bar you not only receive some more beautiful opening card you also get the more detailed information about weather.

For the purpose of quick weather updates Google even added in the option to save your searched locations. After searching for a location’s weather, little “Add” prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen.

We have received the Google app update v5.8.50.19 this morning. You must also check for an update!

Download and Install the update from Google Play Store

NOTE: If you have not yet received the latest update and if you want to sideload, then download the arm64 version at this link (v5.8.50.19.arm64)

For those who get the update can see the revamped Google weather card in search, and I hope everyone else can also get the new look very soon. The Inside Search blog has also been update to announce the new UI and give a summary of its features. The layout is bit cartoony but as compare to old card there is much more detail in it. To indicate the time of day and weather conditions the weather card will change automatically. You will see a frog along with the card that experiences the weather along with you. The new card extended to features like air quality, UV index, and more. By default it show condition in your current location but favourite locations can be added as well, which will appear in search drop down.

It’s not confirmed yet that when the new UI will roll out to rest of all but it shouldn’t be long, though.

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