5 Best Android Keyboard Apps

5-best-android-keyboard-appsThere is one thing common in all major apps and that is keyboard. You can’t perform your favorite tasks like emailing, messaging, surfing, gaming or socializing, etc. without using keyboard. Alternatively you can use Google Now and voice commands but there are some limitations in it. However, keyboard is still an essential feature of the Android device. That’s why, our today’s post is on 5 Best Android Keyboard Apps that we think stand above the rest, and may be worthy of composing your LOLs and WTFs.

5 Best Android Keyboard Apps


For many years SwiftKey has been ranked among the top keyboard apps in the Android world and it also come preinstalled on several smartphone and tablet. SwiftKey features many useful options including word prediction, keyboard customization, and gesture typing. Its word prediction feature uses fluency engine that learn from users typing pattern to improve its predictions. SwiftKey supports almost all the major languages and its word prediction in most of them is very smooth. However, if you don’t want it to learn certain words, you can activate the incognito mode by tapping the hamburger menu on the left side of the keyboard.




Download it from Google Play Store SwiftKey

Fleksy + GIF

Fleksy is one of the fastest and flawless keyboard bundled with lots of GIFs, stickers and emoji suggestions. You can easily customize it according to your need by applying different built-in themes or by creating your own theme. Moreover you can add features using extensions like Highlights, Number Row, Launcher, Hotkeys, Shortcuts, Rainbow Pops, Editor, Heart Pops and one of my favorite “Invisible Keyboard”.




Another interesting feature that makes this app unique from other apps is that powerful gestures feature allows you to control almost everything. For example if you want to delete a word simply swipe left and to use punctuation swipe right. It’s built-in GIF collection help you to express yourself in a better way.

Download it from Google Play Store Fleksy + GIF

GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard is very smooth, user friendly, easy to customize keyboard offering variety of beautiful themes and emojis. Some other interesting features are stickers, font changing, and a plug-in library. GO Keyboard also offer voice changing feature via plugin.



Download it from Google Play Store GO Keyboard


Kika is another good application for fast and fun typing on mobiles and tablets. You can apply its stylish built-in themes or customize your own to match your style. Thousands of emojis, stickers, GIFs and a good autocorrect feature are some of the strong points out of many.




Download it from Google Play Store Kika

Google Keyboard

If you love Google products then this app is for you. It’s the best stock keyboard with all the useful features that you will ever need. Themes, gesture typing, layouts, emojis, dictionary and voice typing are all in here in order to improve your productivity.



Download it from Google Play Store Google Keyboard

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